miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

The men I'm not married to

Sitges   2013

Nuevamente Dorothy Parker

No matter where my route may lie,
No matter whither I repair
In brief-no matter how and why
Or when I go, the boys are there.
On lane and byways,
street ans square,
On alley, path and avenue,
They seem to spring up everywhere-

The men I'm not married to.

I watch them as they pass me by;
At each in wonderment
I stare,
And, "but for heaven grace", I cry,
"There goes the guy whose name I'd wear"
They represent no species rare,
They walk and talk as others do;
They're fair to see-but only fair-

The men I'm not married to.

I'm sure that to a mother's eye
Is each potentially a bear
But though at home they rank ace-high,
No chance of heart could I declare.
Yet worry silvers not their hair;
They deck them not with sprigs of rue.
It's curious how they do not care-

The men I'm not married to.

In fact, if they'd a chance to share
Their lot with me, a lifetime through,
They'd doubtless tender me the air-

The men I'm not married to.

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