miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

The men I'm not married to

Sitges   2013

Nuevamente Dorothy Parker, diciendo lo que tantas queremos, quisimos, querremos decir...

No matter where my route may lie,
No matter whither I repair
In brief-no matter how and why
Or when I go, the boys are there.
On lane and byways,
street ans square,
On alley, path and avenue,
They seem to spring up everywhere-

The men I'm not married to.

I watch them as they pass me by;
At each in wonderment
I stare,
And, "but for heaven grace", I cry,
"There goes the guy whose name I'd wear"
They represent no species rare,
They walk and talk as others do;
They're fair to see-but only fair-

The men I'm not married to.

I'm sure that to a mother's eye
Is each potentially a bear
But though at home they rank ace-high,
No chance of heart could I declare.
Yet worry silvers not their hair;
They deck them not with sprigs of rue.
It's curious how they do not care-

The men I'm not married to.

In fact, if they'd a chance to share
Their lot with me, a lifetime through,
They'd doubtless tender me the air-

The men I'm not married to.

(Traducción prevista para el próximo post)

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