sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2016

I began to get angry

I began to get angry and wondered why some people are so afraid of 

the power of the mind and of thought. Why did they think that 

sending the brightest young people in China to military training

camps would be good for them, or for the country?  How silly, I

thought.  And I also considered that some people just don't 

understand that the journey of the mind is never deterred by 

physical hardship.  In fact, probably, just the opposite.  The more 

people suffer, the more they search for answers.  My heart felt the 

weight of a profound sadness.  Camps and mass rehabilitations had 

been the trademark of the Cultural Revolution.  Now, twenty-five 

years after it had ended, people were still being marched to these 

camps to be 'educated'.

                             Diane Wei Liang
                            Lake with no name


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